ARTICLE I: Identification

The group shall be a nonprofit organization to be known as the WIsconsin Avaya Users Group (WAUG), hereafter referred to as User Group.

The Users Group mission is to provide members the opportunity for networking among industry professionals and peers alike, assistance with problem solving, a unified voice to Avaya Communication regarding problems, concerns and innovative ideas, as well as prospective opportunities as a WAUG Executive Board Member.


ARTICLE III: Membership

Membership shall be defined as:

  • Membership shall be limited to person(s) directly involved in the management or use of any Lucent, Avaya, and/or Nortel communications systems, with the eception of any individual, company, or organization who purpose involves the sale, marketing, or distribution of said equipment.
  • Members who currently qualify for membership under the above and become unemployed during their current membership year may continue their membership with the Users Group for the paid year.  New membership under this clause is not allowed
  • Members are permitted to: Vote, Hold office, Serve on committees, Chair committees, Attend User Group meetings.

Any member may resign from the User Group at any time.

Any member may be expelled from the User Group for conduct detrimental to the interest of the Users Group.  Such actions shall require a quorum voite of the current Executive Board Members for the Users Group as defined below.

ARTICLE IV: Membership Dues

As a member of the International Avaya Users Group (IAUG) there are not separate dues required to join WAUG.  To join, simply select the Wisconsin Chapter as your affiliated chapter when you sign up for IAUG.

ARTICLE V: Meetings

Every year there will be 2-4 meeting held in various regions through out the sate.  Meeting locations will rotate around based on availability, content, and potential offerings.

Elections will occur at the May chapter meeting.

ARTICLE VI: Elections

The election of executive board members shall be held at the annual state meeting or when required by term expirations for current members.

Nomination for offices will be made from the floor at the meetings.  If the member nominated is not present at the meeting, prior consent mst be obtained from the member being nominated.

The moninee for each office, having received the largest number of votes, shall be elected and shall take office following the conclusion of the meeting.

ARTICLE VIII: General Policies

  • Members shall not, in any dealings on behalf of themselves or their organization, use the User Group to benefit themselves or their organization.
  • The User Group shall be non-political and non-sectarian.
  • Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the User Group in all cases when applicable and inconsistent wtih tbe By-Laws of the group.
  • WAUG assures that no person shall, on the grounds or race, color, religion, sex, sexual preference, national origin, political affilation, age, handicap or any other non-merit factors, and with regard for the privacy and constitutional rights of citizens, be denied membership or otherwise subjected to discrimination.
  • All WAUG and Avaya logos, artwork, trademarks, or designs may not be reproduced for any purposes wtihout the written consent of the WAUG officers and/or Avaya representatives respectively.
  • These by-laws may be amended at any business or special meeting by a quorum vote of members present.  Substance of the proposed amendments shall be sent via e-mail to each member at least two seeks prior to such meetings, unless proposed amendments have been discussed at previous meetings.

ARTICLE VII: Board Members

PRESIDENT shall: be the Executive Officer of the User Group; serve the term of one year, preside at all meetings; create special committees as deemed necessary; appoint individuals to complete terms in office in the event an officer resigns or is unable to complete their term; perform other executive functions are required; call meetings of the board members as necessary; set meeting agendas and is authorized to sign checks in the absence of the treasurer; assist in the planning and coordinating of WAUG meetings/event

VICE PRESIDET shall: serve a term of one year; perform the same functions as the President and backup the president in such capacity; be installed as president upon completion of the one-year Vice President term; assistn in the planning and coordination of WAUG meetings/events

PAST PRESIDENT shall: assist the President and shall assume the duties of the President as such times as the President may request; shall esrve the term of one year; shall assist with the planning and coordination of WAUG meetings/events

TREASURER shall: be the financial officer for the user group; serve the term of two years; maintain a bank account in the name of the group; sign all chekcs and obtain authorization for disbursement from the board as necessary; make a report at the user group meetings; provide for successor signature cards from the bank; interface with IAUG for the request of expense reimbursements as well as recording of checks issued by IAUG; assist in the planning and coordination of WAUG meetings/events

SECRETARY shall: serve the term of two years; keep accurate minutes of all business meetings; assist in the planning of meetings; write and mail any legal or busines lettes sent int he name of the group, assist in the planning and coordination of WAUG meetings/events

MEMBERSHIP OFFICER shall: serve the term of two yeras; maintain accurate databse of members; communicate membership meeting agendas an dmeeting information; assist wtih the planning and coordination of WAUG meetings/events

BUSINESS PARTNER OFFICER shall: serve the term of two years; maintain accurate databases of vendors; maintain a relationship wtih and communicate to vendors about WAUG events and/or sponsorhips; assist with the planning and coordination of WAUG meetings/events

WEBMASTER shall: serve the term for two years; will be responsbile for keeping the group website up-to-date wtih requested changes from board members; suggest improvements to how the site is designed and utilized; assist with the planning and coordination of WAUG meetings/events

REGINAL COORDINATORS (NORTH/SOUTH) shall: serve a term of two years; represent that region in board meetings and contribute to board duties and actions as assigned.  Coordinators will also assist in securing meeting locations in the region if necessary; assist with the planning and coordination of WAUG meetings/events